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The French Harpsichord


double manual, french harpsichord after Jean-Claude Goujon (1749). The original instrument is situated in Musée de la Musique (Cité de la Musique) in Paris.

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flexible and clear resonant tone, ideal concert instrument (also for bigger concert halls)


2 x 8‘, 1 x 4‘ (lower manual)

lute stop (upper manual)

shove coupler

The six legs can be unscrewed for transport.

The Harpsichordmaker

Andrew Garlick has over thirty years' experience of professional harpsichord making with instruments all over the world. Featured in many recordings and broadcasts, his instruments are much loved by amateurs and professionals alike.


Madgeon Wood House

Buckland St. Mary

Chard / Somerset

TA20 3QF / U.K.

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