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The Italian Harpsichord

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single manual, italian harpsichord (false inner-outer) after Giovanni Battista Giusti (Lucca 1681). Several original instruments are existing (Nürnberg, Leipzig, Berlin and Bologna).


2 x 8‘, lute stop, GG-d3, 415-440Hz


The instrument has an ornamentation with gold leaves which has been made after an original decoration of a harpsichord by Giusti:

The Harpsichordmaker

The harpsichordist usually plays this instrument without a lid and with the end pointing towards the audience. Therefore the harpsichord is decorated on all the sides (including the back side).

In order not to disturb the golden ornamentation, the lower parts of the hinges have been remade in blackened iron by the company Erb Mechanik from Oberdiessbach.

Mirko Weiss was born in Stuttgart in 1963, he lives and works in Trub (Emmental, Switzerland). His intruments are regularly played by renowned harpsichordists and fortepianists throughout Europe.

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The Harpsichordpainter

Elisabetta Lanzoni was born in Imola in 1961 and she lives near Ravenna (Italy). She did a lot of restaurations for a long time. She specialized on the painting of historical instruments a few years ago and got internationally renowned in a very short time.

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